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Closing a CafePress store is no easy task

Last night I closed  No emails at all from CafePress were sent last night or this morning.  And apparently you have to beg them for the remaining money you have given them for the premium shop.  Totally bogus.   With most companies, if you close an account they will send you an email, or give you a call to see why you are closing the account, or see if they can help with anything.  And they definitely do not wait for you to ask for your money back.

I will also be closing my other premium shop, Just Butterflies on Sept. 30.  I will also be organizing my print on demand service accounts.  With closing Developing Nature at CafePress and going through all my photographs to upload to Zazzle, I have come to a conclusion;  just putting up artwork in no apparent scheme at these PODs is probably not a good idea.  So, I am just having my wildlife and nature photos at, my fantasy artwork at, my photo manipulations/ digital art/ digital illustrations (whatever you call it) at, my TtVs at ArtistRising (,  and my national parks photographs will be on ImageKind.


New Zazzle store

It is a hard decision, but a necessary adjustment. Since the changes CafePress has implemented, the restructuring of the services has hurt many shopkeepers.  I, for one think it is terrible to price a product differently to one customer than another.  I first thought that I could wait out the change, CafePress said this was just a trial.  It has been months, and I have made less than $10, I can not afford the wait any longer.  I will close Developing Nature on Monday, September 14, 2009.

I have begun working on a new location for Developing Nature, the new location is  I have gone ahead and added new photographs of flowers and deer from our trip to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone last weekend.  I have decided that some of the artwork will be retired, some photographs will be moved to Zazzle, and some of the digital art will be moved to Redbubble.  I have a few clouds and elk photographs that I want to add this week before uploading the older artwork to Zazzle and Redbubble.

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