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Snow & Ice

Last Sunday we went up north to see the snow sculpting contest, which is held yearly at Black Mountain in Jackson N.H..  The sculptures are always interesting to see and sometimes fun to try and figure out.  It was very chilly so we didn’t stay long.

For more info on the event and to see the  winners, visit

Next stop was at Loon Mountain ski resort. We ventured in and around the ice castle that was created. It was interesting. We would of liked to stay long enough for the sun to go down so we could see it lit up, but it was very cold out and we had to be elsewhere that night.

The icicle shapes were interesting to see. I liked that there were little hidden treasures to be found in the design of the walls. They made a tunnel slide for the kids…. but even the big kids at heart enjoyed the slide.

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Visit the Loon Mountain website for event information.

Mythical Creature T-Shirt Contest

Today is the first day of voting for DeviantART’s Mythical Creature t-shirt design contest. I have gone through all the pages and voted for my favorites. Below you will find my submission. Click on the image to vote if you like.

This is the original artwork that I made. It was submitted to the contest in black and white because I ended up using to many colors for the contest rules. Entries are not suppose to have more than five colors. 😦

Interested in knowing what got my vote? Just review my Favorites on my DA profile.

Voting ends on July 31st. Hurry to get your voting done.