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Yesterday was a nice day with no rain. We got busy on the landscaping for the first time this year. This house has exstensive landscaping, lots of planters, pots, and flower beds, so much so that there really is no green space for the kids to play.

While we were putting some of the potted plants into the flower beds, stringing up branches from some plants, and doing some branch trimming we found some snails, a newt, and possibly potatoes nesttled in with a butterfly bush.

I put the amphibian in the wetland nearby. We cleared some pots off the deck and from the walkways, and the property looks better. There is still raking and trimming to do, plus there are more pots scattered throughout to empty. Hopefully the plants will take to the flower beds and the gardens will look fuller this Summer.


More Faux Macros

I affixed the x10 diopter to my little lens and went hunting in the garden again.  It was a nice enough day, not too hot, not too much sun beating down, but it was a windy day.  I had to delete many pictures due to too much motion blur. But I did save one.  I found the blurry bleeding heart picture interesting enough to keep it.  I enjoy the dandelion pictures very much so.  And yes, I did find the trail of seed heads just like that. No photo-manipulations was done, just color changes.


While I was photographing the plants, I found some spiders, and a katydid on the rocks and in the flowers.  No arachnophobia here.  🙂 Enjoy viewing the jumping spiders, katydid and the large harvestmen that I found.  The Opiliones must be eating well here.  I’ve not come across one this big before.   The katydid was one of the hardest to photograph for this set of pictures. Those Irises and that wind made things complicated.  The jumping spiders were a cute find.  The one with the decorative abdomen had a little black beetle run across his rock and it was jumping to stay out of its way.  The little blue one on the other hand just played hide-and-seek with me, I think it was a bit shy.