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Puppy’s First Artwork

I decided that this year’s holiday card will feature our newest family member, Puppy! This will be a great way to introduce her to our family and friends that are scattered across the country. I sat the little pup down and snapped a few pics of her. She was like, “What is going on?”, and the cat was like, “Well if you’re being tormented, I mind-as-well come investigate you”.
hahaha The photo-shot did not last long as I did not trust either cat nor puppy around my lamps.
I then searched through my catalog of pictures to find the right old Christmas tree picture. Once selected I blended the two images together. But why be so serious, let’s have some fun! So a Santa hat was drawn upon the pup’s head and a wreath was Photoshopped around her neck. And a silly puppy digital painting was made.
I thought it would be nice to share the image on Zazzle. I did spend sometime going through the merchandise and adding the artwork to some products, and now you too can have a fun puppy holiday print.

You can view the complete collection here.

Happy Holidays!


Lady of the Moon

I recently made my first digital artwork of 2015, and then I spent sometime over the past three days adding it to products on Zazzle. Wow, there are a lot of new products in the Zazzle market, from sweet treats to electronics to accessories and apparel.

I made, “Lady of the Moon“, as a gift for my daughter. She has fallen in love with the best type of canine there is, wolves. The image is kind-of under the guise of werewolf transformation. With the woman’s head, I tried to keep some formation of the wolf within her. I lightly blended the white wolf into the girl and had layered the form on an image of the moon. Then completed the image with a black background for the night sky.

Check out some of the products you can find the artwork on.