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New! Coloring Books

A project is finally finished! I have spent the past couple of months digging through all of my digital photographs since the year 2007 for this project. I believe, I had caught the coloring book bug because many amazing female artists that I follow had made coloring books. It inspired me to find a new way of bringing my art into the home of others. It was also a good way to spend many rainy weeks.

I created the coloring book series with the self publishing distributor, They are softcover books for the flexibility one might need to color. Before making the books, I had printed out a few pages at home. The intent was to test the artwork and to have others color in the art, to see if it was too difficult, but that part did not fair so well. People did not pull through for me on that. I got back two completed colored pages, and two in-completes.

sample coloring pages

Printed out artwork for coloring in, and the results.

There are six coloring books in total, and each has a different number of pages. The coloring book series is titled, ‘Color In Nature’. There is a book for just butterflies, flowers and plants, birds, landscapes, wildlife, insects. YES there are SPIDERS in the insect book. I do not think they are creepy (except that one house kind that is yellow. It just gives me the creeps for some reason). Some subjects I had to stop myself from adding to, because there would be way too many pages, or I would have had another book to create. I didn’t know if coloring in landscapes would be appealing to people because they might require time for the detail. It was also not easy to choose out photographs for that book. It is my most difficult coloring book if anyone is up for such a task.

When the books arrived I colored in a page in each book. I used colored pencils, markers and pastel crayons. The kids were not home, I didn’t know where the regular Crayolas were. The pastels were a bit messy, so I did only one and I am leaving a blank paper on top of that image. The markers did not bleed through the paper, which was a nice surprise.

The artwork is full bleed on the pages. There is no double sided coloring pages, so you can cut out pages if you like. You can buy my coloring book series on blurb through this link:


2016, A Busy Year

It has been a busy year for us since Spring when we started on a bathroom remodel. We took out the old gold fixtures, seashell and sea-foam green colored tiles, cracked tub and updated it with a timeless classic look, that features a claw-foot tub. We used porcelain tiles for the floor. We purchased an old claw-foot tub at a salvage yard; cleaned it, sanded it and had it painted. I bought a new antique style shower surround at an online store for the tub, added a pedestal sink and a cute vanity mirror that has a little shelf. We put up bead-board all the way around the room. Found Hookless shower curtains to add more vintage touches to the bathroom. (These are the best shower curtains!) And then some seaside/mermaid decor went in, including pressed seaweed. The girls liked pressing the seaweed and we will probably add more pressed artwork around the house.

Classic antique inspired bathroom remodel. Copyright Kimberly J Tilley.

Classic antique inspired bathroom remodel.

After the bathroom was completed, we moved on to a bedroom. When the old tub was being taken out we had the space walled up and turned into a closet for the bedroom that shared the bathroom wall. Having to work on a newly enlarged closet we had to go ahead and add proper window and wall trim and give it a nice coat of bright pastel pink paint on the walls. And that made a little girl happy.

Taking a break from housework, I pulled out some canvases and painted my largest painting to date.

Three Orcas spy-hoping under the moon. "Raising the Moon" painting Copyright Kimberly J Tilley.

Three Orcas spy-hoping under the moon. Copyright Kimberly J Tilley.

In June, we lost a family member. Our Orange Tabby died in my arms one night. She had developed a growth on her tail. It was removed, and she healed well. But as time went bye, she seemed to have lost some weight. The vet said that the cancer spread through-out her body sometime after the surgery. She was adopted as an adult cat, so her age is not truly known, she is thought to have been around 8 or 10 years old.
Some time passed and a couple of weeks ago, we were in a store and there were cats for adoption. We could not pull ourselves away from a pair of kittens. So we adopted a pair of siblings. And I am a new mom again, to a little boy and girl.

Adopted kittens. Copyright Kimberly J Tilley.

Adopted kittens.
Copyright Kimberly J Tilley.

Puppy is learning to be gentle with the little kittens, and to share with her new brother and sister.

During the month of July we worked tirelessly on new costumes to go to a local Renaissance Faire in August. The girls were fairies, my son was a knight-in-shining-armour with a wooden Viking inspired shield. I created my own take on Lady Almathea with more of a Princess look. I made a unicorn outfit for puppy. She didn’t really care to wear it. On the day of the faire, it was really hot, and we decided it was best for her to stay home. Which was good because it was really busy and we were buying things. Our hands would of been too full to hold her lead. 😉

Puppy dressed up as a unicorn. Copyright Kimberly J Tilley.

Puppy dressed up as a unicorn.
Copyright Kimberly J Tilley.

In mid-July the drain hose to the washing machine decided to pop out of the wall. Water went into the master bedroom and all the way down into the garage. The insurance company said they are not doing anything about it because we already used our one time insurance claim on the kitchen when the dishwasher broke. So what is the purpose of having coverage… to pay others to do nothing for when you need help?. There was a water damage company called in, they said it would cost $3,500 just to open up rooms and dry out the wood. No thanks. So we ripped open the garage and some floors. Dryed out and replaced what we could for now. Next Spring we will dig in deeper and work on remodeling the laundry room and a closet instead of what we wanted to do. Which was another bathroom. That got pushed to 2018.

I have a new computer to learn how to work with. No properly sized photo viewer and a tiny keyboard is a big issue for me. You have no idea how many times I have click on CAPS, or had to backspace to fix misspells just on this post alone. 😦
I can’t wait for things to settle down here and then I can have time to work on a photography project that I have been wanting to do!

Now it is time to get the kids ready for school again. We do have plans to work on the dinning room soon. Hope to have it done before Thanksgiving, depends on when we actually start. For that room we have to take down wall paper and chair rails. We will continue working with bead-board. And I have a couple of furniture pieces that were saved from the side of the road to fix up. Hooray storage coming soon!