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Puppy’s First Artwork

I decided that this year’s holiday card will feature our newest family member, Puppy! This will be a great way to introduce her to our family and friends that are scattered across the country. I sat the little pup down and snapped a few pics of her. She was like, “What is going on?”, and the cat was like, “Well if you’re being tormented, I mind-as-well come investigate you”.
hahaha The photo-shot did not last long as I did not trust either cat nor puppy around my lamps.
I then searched through my catalog of pictures to find the right old Christmas tree picture. Once selected I blended the two images together. But why be so serious, let’s have some fun! So a Santa hat was drawn upon the pup’s head and a wreath was Photoshopped around her neck. And a silly puppy digital painting was made.
I thought it would be nice to share the image on Zazzle. I did spend sometime going through the merchandise and adding the artwork to some products, and now you too can have a fun puppy holiday print.

You can view the complete collection here.

Happy Holidays!


October Foliage

Here are some colorful fall foliage photographs that I took during our trip to the White Mountains National Forest on October 7, 2012. The majority of the leaves were yellow, but you could find some red leaves tucked in here and there. Pine trees are abundant, which gives a good break up of some of the yellow and gold colored leaves. The pine can also lend a hand in adding an interesting frame to the festive autumn leaves.

Silver Cascade, Harts Location, NH. ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley. A photograph of a cascading waterfall nestled into the colorful Autumn foliage on the side of a mountain.

N.H. Mountain in Fall Foliage. Photograph Copyright ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley

A mountain top covered in gold leaves and pine trees. Photograph Copyright ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley

Red and yellow fall leaves. Photograph Copyright ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley

Yellow Autumn leaves. Photograph Copyright ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley

Autumn trees in front of a mountain range. Photograph Copyright ©2012 Kimberly J Tilley