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I Joined S6

In late August, I discussed a situation that we have with my husband about the house. He thought it was a neat idea. But how to accomplish the idea? … That answer came when I found Society6. Now, I actually have heard of this site before, but was not thinking it would be a good fit for me. I had seen a lot of pop-modern-text art on the site. I’m a nature photographer, how could I fit in there. But this site offered something that I needed and I could not find it anywhere else, so I created an account. I couldn’t just upload that one image, and leave. ? A shop with one image, how silly. So over these past few weeks I have uploaded twelve images. These images are mostly old digital pictures that I have edited. I’m reminiscing on our past by looking at our old pictures. (Still figuring out this new computer.) Some stand out and I wanted to improve them. Plus I still needed to learn the new art programs that I got for the new computer. ( I do like the vintage camera applications. I wish the painter had a timer on it. Or worked faster.)

As for that project, it’s not done. Haven’t even started making it. We actually tried to beat the rainy season and got started on replacing boards, securing boards, sanding and staining boards. The deck is now safe to be on, and I no longer have to worry about someone’s foot going through a board, or someone going over a railing. Alas, the outdoor work is incomplete. The rain won. So while we wait for another break of sunlight, we will begin on the dining room. And when that is done we’ll get the project that brought me to Society6 completed.

After completing some uploads, I did go browsing, and found a great number of fellow nature photographers. A lot has changed since I first saw the website a few years ago. And some people are already discovering my work on S6. YAY!

Here is a screen grab, and the store link is below. There are birds, landscapes, a pony and a white wolf to start off with. The merchandise is limited to a few selections for housewares, iPhone & laptop cases, other than prints.

Store Update: Digital Creations

Over the past few of weeks, I have been working in one store adding some of the new products that Zazzle has made available. I am happy to announce, my digital art shop has been completed with this update. I will begin working on adding new products to one of my photography shops next, either later in the week or I’ll start during the following week. Scroll through this page for information about the new products that have been added to the store and to see a display of what the artworks looks like on the new products.


There are eight styles of watch bands to choose from, including kid size. Some designs have a clock face in either white, black or purple. You may choose to keep the clock face or remove it before placing the watch into your shopping cart.

Swimming with Salmon Wristwatches
Fantasy Horses Watches
Reach for the Stars Wristwatches
The Lionfish Watch


The designs are printed on the front and back of the changeable faceplates. The faceplate is water-proof and tear-proof. Includes large sandwich container, two small containers, and an ice pack. Additional containers may be purchased separately. BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free. 100% recyclable. The lunchbox is dishwasher safe, excluding the faceplates. Choose from six different strap colors to coordinate with the artwork. Customize the lunchbox by adding your name or initials.

On Display Lunchboxes
Eternal Spring Lunch Boxes
Leaping Dolphins Lunchboxes

Door Hangers

The door hanger is made of ultra-durable acrylic. One side printing.

Fairies Color the Unicorn Door Hangers
Leaping Dolphins Door Hanger
The White Bird Door Hangers

Light Switch Plates

A standard U.S. single pole light switch cover. Made of ultra-durable acrylic.

A Swing in the Garden Light Switch Plate
Rainbow Maker Switch Plate Covers
On Display Switch Plate Covers

Business Card Holder

The silver metal card case has a velvet-like interior with a snap closure. The container holds fifteen business cards.

The Great River Divide
Red Ranunculus
Little Black Bird

Table Card Holders

A high quality acrylic base with a stainless steel metal card holder.
Dimensions: 1.75”l x 3”w x 1”h (Acrylic base); 5”h (Total height with base).

Lake Guardian Table Card Holders
Swimming with Salmon Table Card Holder
Red Ranunculus Table Card Holders


Select from blank, lined, grid, or checklist page inserts. The pocket size journal is 3.5” l x 1/8” w x 5.5” h. 48 pages.

Little Black Bird Notebook
Path to the Lighthouse Notebook
Thinking of You Notebook

Cutting Boards

The decorative glass cutting board comes in three styles; rectangle, circle and paddle. The rectangle is available in three size. The cutting boards are Non-absorbent, non-porous hand pressed high quality stain-resistant tempered glass. Hand wash only please.

Swimming with Salmon
Reach for the Stars
Eternal Spring


A personalized acrylic desk nameplate for your office. Dimensions: 2”l x 10”w x 1”h.

Shy Fairy Banner Desk Nameplate
The Lionfish Desk Name Plates
Let's Make a Rainbow Nameplate


The clipboard is made of ultra-durable acrylic. The artwork is printed on two sides. I set up the clipboards to have the front side a lighter printing of the artwork.

Fantasy Horses Clipboard
Rainbow Maker Clipboards
Zebra Play Clipboard

Desk Organizers

The desk organizer is designed with three compartments to hold your pens and pencils. Artwork is printed on two 4.25”x 4.25” tiles encased in the front and back of this mahogany finished wood organizer.

The Lionfish Pencil Holder
Where the River Ends Pencil/Pen Holder
Treasure Hunting Pencil Holder

Coat Racks

The coat rack comes with three double hooks and is made from high quality Alderwood.

Unicorns Coat Rack
Leaping Dolphins Coat Rack
Deep in the Sea Coat Racks

Compact Mirrors

The travel mirrors are available in round, square, oval and heart shapes. The compact mirror features a silver metal construction and has two interior glass mirrors.

Light the Way Travel Mirrors
Running the Beach Mirror For Makeup
Red Ranunculus Travel Mirror
Eternal Spring Vanity Mirrors

Serving Tray

The serving tray comes in two sizes, 14.5” w x 10” l x 2.125” d (small), 19” w x 14” l x 2.625” d (large). You can choose from two colors, natural or black.

The Lionfish Service Tray
Little Mermaid Service Trays


I have put up only a few bandana designs. The bandanas are made durable and lightweight from polyester.

Reach for the Stars Kerchiefs
the Golden Unicorn Do-rag

Nail Art

Minx Nails are salon quality nail coverings. Minx Nails can be easily applied at home. The nail art lasts one week. Only a few designs are available.

Peacock Fingernail Decals
Zebra Play Nail Wraps

Luggage Tag

The luggage tag has a leather strap, is made of ultra-durable acrylic, and is 2″ x 3.5″. The luggage tag is UV resistant and waterproof. The tag features artwork on one side and your contact information on the back side. Please make sure that you change the text before placing the item in the shopping cart or else you will end up with one of the goofy name and addresses that I used to display the product.

Red Ranunculus Luggage Tags
Stonehenge Tag For Bags
The White Bird Travel Bag Tags

Bath Sets

A toothbrush holder and soap dispenser set. The toothbrush holder and soap dispenser is ceramic. The soap dispenser top is stainless steel. The toothbrush holder can fit up to four toothbrushes.

Leaping Dolphins Bathroom Sets
Red Ranunculus Toothbrush Holder
Zebra Play Toothbrush Holder

Table Lamps

A table lamp from Lamp-In-A-Box. 120 Volt; Up to 60-watt incandescent light bulb (light bulb not included). Includes a 6’ Power Cord with 2-prong USA plug and pull chain. Choose from polyester, rice paper or linen lamp shades. Choose from 14 trim colors for the lamp shade and either a white or silver base.

Let's Make a Rainbow Desk Lamp
Chimera Desk Lamps
Fairy Lamp


American Apparel’s all-purpose, super-soft scarf. Made with 100% jersey cotton. Nine colors to choose from.

Unicorn Silhouette Scarf
Reach for the Stars Scarf Wrap
Black Unicorn Scarves


Women’s American Apparel spandex-cotton leggings. Choose from twelve colors. Made in the USA and are super soft.

Unicorn Silhouette Legging
Silver Sage Legging
Dragon Goddess Legging

Take 20% Off Scarves and Leggings. Enter the code: SCARFLEGGING at checkout. This offer expires 31 March 2014.