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Eagles on a Snow Day

Since the kids were home today, we went to a known eagle area in hopes that we would see some eagles today. And we did. We must of seen at-least 20 Bald Eagles. It was wonderful. 

It snowed on us. It rained on us. The sun shown brightly for 2 minutes, so we got blinded today too. 

I took pictures of the eagles, landscape and a few Canada Geese that were around too. The kids, I think, provided entertainment for the eagles today. They had a fun snowfall fight. Or the birds were just watching our pup intently; trying to figure out if she was too big to carry away.

Here are a few snapshots of the pictures that I took today. I can’t wait to get the time to go through them.

His Domain

His Domain, is the title of a digital art print of a deer that I had made recently. The image is of an buck’s head with a landscape view full of tree covered hills and mountains in the far distance, which is held between his antlers. Look onto his forest as he watches over the land.

His Domain Tees
His Domain Tees
by Kimberly J Tilley

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