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Phone Pics

It was a busy year end for me. I had spent a good chunk of early Fall working on our Halloween costumes and then preparing for the holidays that followed. Some posts I wanted to do before 2013 ended have not gone up yet, I’ll get to them one day.
In the mean time…..
I had downloaded a photo editing app on my phone a while ago called Snapseed. I was playing with some of my phone pictures with it and they turned out great. I just wanted to hop on here and show them off.
Enjoy the slide show 🙂

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January Birds

This month the turkeys have been around more than any winter we have had during our time at this house.  It may very well be the fact that the snow has been just a few inches dropping here and there through the winter months, which makes for foraging easier.  The flock looks good.  Although there is one with an injured leg.  I hope she makes it.

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The turkeys are not the only bird sightings around here.  There is also a Red-Tailed Hawk that has been more noticeable these past few weeks.  We only have seen her a few times during the Spring and Summer over the past couple of years.  Hopefully she nests here and eats more of the rodents.  I’m tired of having to pick up after the cat and dog some mornings. ewe!

hawk tree branch

A Red-Tailed Hawk sits on a tree branch watching for prey. ©2013 Kimberly J Tilley.

And we also have had a few woodpeckers (the Pileated and Red-bellied, but the Red-bellied seems to be in better areas to photograph), some doves and of course the regulars; nuthatches, chickadees, finches, cardinals. Are crows to common to even mention? They are here every day. There was a flock of Robins that showed up one day, but since it has decided to snow at least one day a week (or just plain bad weather) they have not been around. But as soon as it becomes warmer, and no chance of snow, they will be here every day.

doves winter birds tree

Three Mourning Doves try to keep warm during a winter’s day on this tree. ©2013 Kimberly J Tilley.

A photograph of a Red-bellied Woodpecker atop a Birch Tree. ©2013 Kimberly J Tilley.

A photograph of a Red-bellied Woodpecker atop a Birch Tree. ©2013 Kimberly J Tilley.