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A Wish Come True

This is a post about an art piece, not something that I hoped would happen. 😉

This is a piece that I made for my youngest. She did spy me working on it a few times this past week. And then she blamed me for not keeping her surprise a surprise. :\ lol

A Wish Come True“, is a digital painting of a young girl in a field. She had made a wish. The moon is big, bright and full. A star bursts to reveal a unicorn.

You can find this print on several items at Zazzle, in my shop Digital Creations. Here are a few sample products.


Fantasy Horse Art

I have a plan to update my sites during these first months of 2013, and maybe get into the habit of doing it regularly this year. 🙂 To start, I am starting with some equine fantasy art for my digital artwork store on Zazzle, I have created three pieces and added them to the store this week. Below you can find a sample and a description of the work. Click on the image or title to go to the store and see more.

Running the Beach is an image of a woman horseback riding at the ocean. The piece was created using some tubes and one of my photographs of ocean waves. I gave the image a paint effect in Photoshop.
Running the Beach Canvas Print
Running the Beach Canvas Print

Rainbow Maker is of a flying unicorn creating rainbows with her magic. I created the image with a few tubes and one of my landscape photographs of a green hill with some clouds passing by. The image was then processed through some paint effects in Photoshop.
Rainbow Maker Canvas Print
Rainbow Maker Canvas Print

Fantasy Horses features a brown pegasus, white unicorn, and a colorful hippocampus (mermaid horse) on a textured pink-brown-green background. This art piece was created with tubes and textures and a paint effect in Photoshop.
Fantasy Horses Canvas Print
Fantasy Horses Canvas Print