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Big website changes

Last week I recieved a notice from the web hosting company that I use,  that my plan would cost an extra $24 per year. I was shocked, I did not want to even try to fit that amount into our family budget . What was I to do?

I remembered a WordPress message about artists portfolios. I checked it out and liked what I saw.

There are still somethings to be sorted, but I think it’s time to start sharing the news of what is going on with

Right now my domain is redirecting to  All of 2012 I have been thinking of changing my domain name. And I became more interested in the change when I heard .art may become a gTDL. The list of the newly available gTDL is going to be released this June. If .art is there, I will be looking into having a .art as my domain.

I hope you enjoy the new site. I am really going to enjoy being able to post via mobile. This also means more reading for you. 🙂

New Look, New Photos

I updated my website with a new look and added some photographs too. I have also changed the template for the blog, and I LOVe IT. I wanted something in the black and white area and also a clean and simple look. If you want to see the photographs that I have added to my website, hop on over to the gallery and have a look around.