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The Deer at the River

During our 2018 Summer road trip, I went out on a waterfall trail.  And on that trail I saw a buck laying down in a small clearing next to the river that fed the waterfall.  I looked around and saw no one else.  How delighted I was to be the only one here, because that meant that he was all mine, as there was no other to scare him away or do something stupid and make the buck charge. And so I stayed and photographed and observed the stag for a few minutes before continuing my way down the trail.

Over the past few days I have been adding four photographs that are my favourite of this buck at this cascading river forest spot to my Zazzle shop, Developing Nature. You can purchase the photograph(s) to be printed on items for housewares, decor and office supplies.

A Buck Rests at a Cascading River Poster
A Buck Rests at a Cascading River Poster
Even though the young stag is really small in this landscape scene, it is still wonderful to view.

Bedded Buck Poster
Bedded Buck Poster
And you place this zoomed in deer image next to the river image to complement the landscape photograph.

Prince of the Forest Poster
Prince of the Forest Poster
I like how there is a natural curvature that kinda makes an arrow pointing toward the stag.

The Forest Prince Poster
The Forest Prince Poster
By far my favourite one! I just love the framing that the tree branches provided.

The Bird that Woke the Whales

One morning during our 2018 Summer road trip, we took a whale watching trip. The morning air was filled of fog. There were some birds about. And then a pair of sleeping whales were spotted. As a good samaritan, as if the bird knew we were out there to observe the large mammals, a young seagull poked at the larger whale and the two whales sunk below the surface. Not sure if we would ever see the pair, we patiently waited anyways. But we did not have to wait for long. Like a torpedo, the little calf, with great force came splashing up out of the water towards the boat. Followed by mother, with a more graceful approach.

I have added three of my favorite images from this event to my Society6 shop. Here you can purchase the art prints, or the images on items for your home or office. I did add texture to the photographs. I think that the smoothness of the whale skin and the sleekness of the bird wings becomes more of a focal point among the fog and water.


Wake-Up Call
‘Wake-Up Call’
A juvenile seagull flying over a pair of sleeping humpback whales.

‘Rise and Shine’
A young whale calf leaping out of the water.

A female humpback whale breaching.