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Yesterday was a nice day with no rain. We got busy on the landscaping for the first time this year. This house has exstensive landscaping, lots of planters, pots, and flower beds, so much so that there really is no green space for the kids to play.

While we were putting some of the potted plants into the flower beds, stringing up branches from some plants, and doing some branch trimming we found some snails, a newt, and possibly potatoes nesttled in with a butterfly bush.

I put the amphibian in the wetland nearby. We cleared some pots off the deck and from the walkways, and the property looks better. There is still raking and trimming to do, plus there are more pots scattered throughout to empty. Hopefully the plants will take to the flower beds and the gardens will look fuller this Summer.

Profile Falls

In August 2013 we went to Profile Falls, located in Bristol New Hampshire. The waterfall is named for a shadow effect that you can sometimes see on the right side of the waterfall.

This is a local swimming hole and there were a few bathers to work around. If you are going in for a dip, you have to be careful as there are a lot of rocks in the water. Yes the water is cold. To me it felt colder then the ocean is these days. The river also has a strong current. Boating and hiking is done at the park and in the winter there is a snowmobile trail.

Across the road from the waterfall is the boating launch site, where there is a small meadow and a view of the surrounding mountains. You can find butterflies, caterpillars, snakes and spiders here. There is plenty of flowers and plants to see at the park.

Now, I was not looking to photograph the profile, but stare at the pictures all you want to try and see the profile. 🙂